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Q: Do I have to send you my storage device to be recovered?  
A: Yes we will need the device at our facility to properly recover it.  

Q: Is there a charge to evaluate my hard drive?  
A: The evaluation is free. An attempt fee may apply once you approve.
Q: Can I get my storage device returned to me? 
A: Yes, we can return your storage device for a small return shipping fee
Q: How do I send it to you? 
A: Click the yellow SEND YOUR DRIVE link above on our website

Q: How long does the process take? 
A: The full recovery process can take about a day to a week

Q: Where do you put the recovered data? 
A: Just download your data from our secure server or another device

Q: What is a Case Number ? 
A: A Case Number is a job number given to you

Q: Are there any fees? 
A: An attempt fee may be required on some recoveries 

Q: Is there any obligation?  
A: There is no obligation. Just pay the return shipping